2nd short movie

Recently I ve made music to 2nd short film by my friend Magdalena Madaj .

As it was published on International Women’s Day I would like to wish to all of us lots of strength to walk our path straight ,to reach our goals with clear minds without any disturbances from people who wants to diminish our importance or skills .

Hope that soon we will not have to raise our voices to be heard .


There Is Peace In The Eye Of The Hurricane



Duska – Magdalena Madaj is  very talented photographer and  makeup artist.

We were thinking about collaboration since few months and finally she was brave enough to try herself in video making  and realize her concept  .

I’m happy to present the effect of her work .

I’m glad I could participate in her debut and to have such wonderful friend  . (Love you)

Dive into eye of the hurricane and ..keep calm..