Rework of Nathan Fake’s track on Ninja Tune


My parents appear on Ninja Tune .

That’s stellar .

With just tiny help from me as I ve written ,played and recorded the piece – rework of great HoursDaysMonthsSeasons of Nathan Fake -however they may deny importance of that facts ..
I will not reveal anything more.
You may ask how/why /did they do some tap dancing or beats but no..

Simply you need to purchase the vinyl to check it by yourself and hopefully forget about that whole story.

You will bliss your ears with new Nathan Fake ‘s track and the other remixes by Overmono and Huerco S.
But seriously ..thank you Nathan for your music,trust and meaningful conversations.

I m glad I had chance to meet you and hope to meet you in person in near future.

Thank you Ninja Tune for the privilege to be on that EP.