The Group in Berlin



I ‘m soooo excited ..

Next week I will have privilege to create some sounds with amazing cast : Greg Haines , Casper Clausen , Hilary Jeffery and  Francesco Donadello during the Xjazz  Berlin  .


If you are able to come ( ..and are still awake around the midnight ) please join us at Lido  06 of May ………………..Berlin


The Wire Tapper 40


I’m delighted to tell you that one of my tracks from Maps and Mazes  is included on The Wire magazine’s compilation – The Wire Tapper 40 which comes with the May’ issue .

I’m following The Wire since many years and always was big fan of that magazine so it’s quite unique situation for me .

Thank you Time Released Sound for your trust and help to make it happen.

The Wire Tapper 40



Today is a 88th day of the year .

The day which Nils Frahm chosen to celebrate one of the most known instrument -the Piano.

For that occasion he combined playlist -8 hours of piano music where,between others  you can also find my track “To Feel Much More Than Now”


To hear the whole playlist please press play on …..and enjoy

There Is Peace In The Eye Of The Hurricane



Duska – Magdalena Madaj is  very talented photographer and  makeup artist.

We were thinking about collaboration since few months and finally she was brave enough to try herself in video making  and realize her concept  .

I’m happy to present the effect of her work .

I’m glad I could participate in her debut and to have such wonderful friend  . (Love you)

Dive into eye of the hurricane and ..keep calm..



Into The White – V/A on Dronarivm



Almost week ago the Into The White compilation was released on Dronarivm as a gift for the listeners.

I’m happy to participate with my track which was originally arranged for the LINKED performance -choreographed by Guro Nagelhus Schia and Vebjorn Sundby.

There are great artists involved like Elegi ,Machinefabriek ,Alexandre Navarro and many more so you definitely should get familiar with it .

Please spread the information and enjoy that nostalgic hours.


Maps And Mazes – Top 2015


I was out for a while so now I want to share that great news with those who are not on fb (btw totally understand those freed ones)

“Maps and Mazes” was chosen by Stationary Travels with other 14 albums in  Memorable Journeys in Modern Classical (Experimental/Ambient) of 2015 .  That’s already great news…


The other amazing news is that it appears on Headphone Commute list of 10 best albums Music For The Film Behind Closed Eyelids with such incredible artists like Ryuichi Sakamoto ,Nils Frahm or Max Richter..

I’m not planning to get spoiled ..believe me I’m far from that :)

it’s just big BIG privilege and wonderful feeling that somewhere there are people who are receivers of music which sometimes grows in me .

Thank you ALL

..and if I can use the moment as it’s still the first week of 2016

I wish you all lots of courage and strength .

Take a risk even if you are scared of results ,

Trust yourself ..

Be yourself     ..      BE  !

(however trivially it sounds )




Review from Headphone Commute



There is something instantly familiar in all of this, as if a short-lived memory of last night’s dream quivered on the edge of consciousness with the swirl of milk in my morning coffee… and then hastily dissolved… I’ve been here before… without a map, without guidance…

I’m  delighted to have my album reviewed by Headphone Commute which I’ve been following for many years.

And again it’s just pure pleasure to have such listener..Thank you Mike


You can read the review here 


Review of Maps and Mazes on Fluid Radio




It’s an honour to be reviewed by Fluid Radio specially in such incredible way that James Catchpole made it.

At first I was a bit scared reading it at as I felt that my emotions were  so well described by another person that I might have had cameras installed around my skull  :) but it’s something different ..

It’s great sensitivity and conscious ears which brought that great effect.

Thank you for that James.

You can read it here                                              Enjoy


Maps and Mazes



I’m happy to tell you that in few days my album Maps and Mazes will be released on Time Released Sound label .

It’s a collection of 11 tracks which appeared in various theatre/film projects I was working on during last few years.

They all were mixed again and in few days will be ready for you on Time Released Sound Bandcamp page and Norman Records shop .

Thanks to all the artists and producers who I had chance to collaborate with :

Kristoffer Kompen,Yabin Wang, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui , Alan Lucien Øyen , Bunkamura