PLUTO is the result of a collaboration between two men renowned since the 1980s as being among the leading talent in contemporary manga: Naoki Urasawa, a manga artist whose solo work has spawned countless smash hits and won him international acclaim, and manga editor and producer Takashi Nagasaki, who worked as co-author.

Their shared love for the ‘God of Manga’,Osamu Tezuka, prompted the idea of re-booting one of Tezuka’s most iconic stories: ‘The Greatest Robot on Earth’ (Chijo Saidai no Robotto), part of the Atom (Astro Boy) series. In cooperation with Tezuka Productions and under the supervisor of Tezuka’s son, Macoto Tezka, Urasawa and Nagasaki have breathed new life into some of their idol’s most powerful characters through the masterful story that is
PLUTO. The series has been a global smash hit; it has sold over 8.5 million volumes worldwide and been translated into 20 languages.Urasawa Bunkamura

Characters who captivate. A story which swells into a climax. This epic narrative has now be adapted for the stage for the very first time, in the first adaptation of
PLUTO into any medium since the manga was published.

PLUTO takes the reader on an epic journey, stirring up emotions and throwing morals into doubt. Now, for the first time anywhere in the world, PLUTO has been developed into what promises to be a very special theatrical production. This ground-breaking stage event will be the first adaptation of
PLUTO into a new medium since the completion of the manga series in 2009.

PLUTO promises to be a genre-defying combination of theatre, music, and manga which will enchant audiences hungry for rich, new cultural experience.



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