Avenida Corrientes – the Movie

Avenida Corrientes


Although every piece created by Alan Lucien Øyen and Winter Guests, lives in an imaginative universe of its own, they also have a very straightforward relationship with our own reality. As part of the play, Avenida Corrientes (2010), we were shown excerpts from a fake, tragi-comic documentary film, about the fictional German choreographer Dieter Geier, and his lover and muse; the Argentinian dancer Augusto Garcia.


These excerpts were filmed in real city streets, an art gallery, a graveyard, and a major, working, dance venue or two. It was a form of guerilla filmmaking; almost entirely improvised by Andrew Wale and Daniel Proietto, and with little or no prior negotiation with members of the public, professional dancers, theatre staff, or the authorities they happened to encounter.

Of course, these unwitting participants were aware of being filmed, but they had little idea that Dieter and Augusto weren’t who they said they were.


As part of the promotion of the play, Winter Guests went further, and created profiles for Dieter and Augusto on social media sites, allowing their eccentric characters to live outside the fictional realms of theatre and film.


With Avenida Corrientes – THE MOVIE, Winter Guests finish the process by completing the fictional documentary referred to in the play. The events and routines of a savage, sometimes funny, but always deeply passionate world are revealed, as the two artists struggle with conflicts in their private and professional lives; a struggle that threatens to turn everyday farce in to a daily, and deadly, tragedy.


Four years after the play’s premier at Octoberdans 2010, the festival wins out again, as Avenida Corrientes – THE MOVIE hits the big screen. Don’t miss it.”


Producer:  winter guests 

Director:  Alan Øyen

Manuscript:  Andrew Wale  & Alan Øyen

Photo: Alan Øyen og Martin Flack

Editing and post production: winter guests

Music: Olga Wojciechowska, Perrin Manzer Allen, Kristoffer Kompen

Production assistant: Lisa Reynolds


Produced in collaboration with The Norwegian Opera and Ballet

Funded by Norwegian Arts Council and City of Bergen