‘New Routes out of Innerland’

Some time last year I was asked to make a remix of Mark Peters’ track.

I’m happy that since today you can already pre-order the release on Sonic Cathedral (label) page.

There is limited vinyl so better be fast if you want to be it’s owner.

Apart from that CD and digital version as well.

Remixes by Brian Case, Ulrich Schnauss among great others.

Check snippet of me sprinkling stardust all over ‘Mann Island’, morphing it into a slice of febrile, filmic techno

what’s going on

Since some time I’m hesitating if having facebook is a right way to reach me so I will try to give some “now-ons” here.

I know and hope that you can find updates about my music yourself but just to be sure.. In last few months my music appeared on compilation Salaam for Yemen released on Hibernate label.

100% Profit from that album is donated to the charity War Child so listening on Spotify might not be as helpful as purchase. (not only this time, believe me).

I also made music for Boom Clap Play studio’s VR project called ” When Something Happens “. History of Universe which had it’s premiere on 14th of February in Belfast’s planetarium and hopefully will be presented around the world as it’s a masterpiece of design and technology.