Infinite Distances album

Dear All

Probably most of you already known that my new album will be released on A Strangely Isolated Place label, 4th of November .

This one is specially important to me as it’s in memory of the person who was very close to me and influenced my life from it’s early stages.

I’m greatful that this release has already got such amazing responses even it’s not officialy released yet.

It appears on Bandcamp as best-selling album despite it just started to be ready to preorder on Monday.

The pool of first copies of vinyls are almost gone.

Thank you..

I hope each of you can find someone who had such a role in your life.

Someone who brought thousands of memories, colors and esteem as then when they looked at little version of you and saw a person with its potential, sensitivities and indefinite future.

Their future is our present with empty places, abandoned rooms and erased numbers.

Hope my music can assist some of your memories.

Hope she is listening to it somewhere as well..

(hope they can play it on a good speakers while she sits on a soft, pink clouds)

Frames For Future

Happy to get message from Giulia Frixione few weeks ago so I could participate in that interesting and wonderful project initiated by CCCCCCC animation studio.

FRAMES FOR FUTURE is an international collaborative animation project highlighting the biggest global challenges humanity faces today through art and storytelling. Artists and studios from around the world came together to raise awareness about the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals in general and the UN Climate Action Summit 2019 in particular.

Please check other animations and read more about the idea here

Rise the awareness.

Together we can still change what seems to be not possible

Royal Opera’s Triple Bill in Cinemas


On Thursday in many cinemas in Europe you can watch live screening from Royal Opera House.

I would be more than happy to watch it again but unfortunately living in Poland is not giving me such option.

Curious about your opinions.

I’m sure you gonna have wonderful evening. Full of emotions. Like mine was when I watched it for a first time few days ago.

Be prepared to be heart broken.

Medusa in Royal Opera House

Photograph: Tristram Kenton/The Guardian

I’m delighted to share with you some snippets of MEDUSA rehearsals and teasers of what you can expect to see on stage.

I was asked to make some additional electronic music for that performance. So let’s say 2/3 of sounds are made by Mr Henry Purcell (haven’t had chance to meet him though ;) ) and 1/3 by me.

I hope at least I was fine with that limited math skills.

From 8th-21st of May you can see it on the Main Stage of the Royal Opera House (London) as a part of triple bill.

Not packed yet but excited to join the last days of fever and adrenalin soon.

‘New Routes out of Innerland’

Some time last year I was asked to make a remix of Mark Peters’ track.

I’m happy that since today you can already pre-order the release on Sonic Cathedral (label) page.

There is limited vinyl so better be fast if you want to be it’s owner.

Apart from that CD and digital version as well.

Remixes by Brian Case, Ulrich Schnauss among great others.

Check snippet of me sprinkling stardust all over ‘Mann Island’, morphing it into a slice of febrile, filmic techno

what’s going on

Since some time I’m hesitating if having facebook is a right way to reach me so I will try to give some “now-ons” here.

I know and hope that you can find updates about my music yourself but just to be sure.. In last few months my music appeared on compilation Salaam for Yemen released on Hibernate label.

100% Profit from that album is donated to the charity War Child so listening on Spotify might not be as helpful as purchase. (not only this time, believe me).

I also made music for Boom Clap Play studio’s VR project called ” When Something Happens “. History of Universe which had it’s premiere on 14th of February in Belfast’s planetarium and hopefully will be presented around the world as it’s a masterpiece of design and technology.