Olga Wojciechowska is a Polish composer and multi-instrumentalist whose work drifts between modern classical, experimental and electronic music.

Engaging in a string of dance, theater and multimedia projects around the world Wojciechowska is cooperating with acclaimed choreographers creating emotional and distinctive musical layer to their work.

Over the years she worked with:

•  Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui (she joined worldwide tour of Sutra, 4DPlay,  TeZukA  and composed music for  Constellation, Puz/zleGenesis  and  Pluto),

•  Yabin Wang  (she wrote music for The Moon Opera),

•  Daniel Proietto (she created music for Woman and Cygne [performed by orchestra at Oslo Opera House and also used in Wim Wenders’  “Cathedrals of Culture” movie]),

•  Guro Nagelhus Schia (she composed music for Dansens Dager 2013 – National Dance Day in Norway and made soundtrack for “Avenida Corrientes” movie by Alan Lucien Øyen).

Remarkable outcome of those collaborations was elegant and absorbing Maps And Mazes – her debut album released on Time Released Sound label.

Immersive and introverted world created with dusty palette of sound was noticed by number of labels. She was invited to participate in few compilations released by Ninja Tune,  The Wire, 1631 Recordings, etc.

Her endless curiosity and subtle electronic treatments of stringed instruments led to her involvement in various live ensembles for pure improvisation with many artists like Greg Haines and Alvaret Ensemble. Some of them will be released in the near future.