Infinite Distances album

Dear All

Probably most of you already known that my new album will be released on A Strangely Isolated Place label, 4th of November .

This one is specially important to me as it’s in memory of the person who was very close to me and influenced my life from it’s early stages.

I’m greatful that this release has already got such amazing responses even it’s not officialy released yet.

It appears on Bandcamp as best-selling album despite it just started to be ready to preorder on Monday.

The pool of first copies of vinyls are almost gone.

Thank you..

I hope each of you can find someone who had such a role in your life.

Someone who brought thousands of memories, colors and esteem as then when they looked at little version of you and saw a person with its potential, sensitivities and indefinite future.

Their future is our present with empty places, abandoned rooms and erased numbers.

Hope my music can assist some of your memories.

Hope she is listening to it somewhere as well..

(hope they can play it on a good speakers while she sits on a soft, pink clouds)

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