photo: Erik Berg
photo: Erik Berg

I’m really late with updates.

It’s more than 2 weeks after the premiere of WOMAN and I still haven’t mentioned about it.

The thing is I just can not describe it in words.

What I experienced watching that stunning piece was such emotional and deeply touching that I feel sorry for everyone who hasn’t had such chance.

photo: Erik Berg
photo: Erik Berg

I would like to thank again to all extremely gifted and sensitive people which I had great chance to meet and work with :

The one and only Daniel Proietto ,

All amazing women  who created that beautiful event : Kristin Hjort Inao ,Yvonne Terese Øyen ,Kate Pendry ,Pia Elton Hammer , Leiko Fuseya , Stine Sjøgren ,Grethe Henden  and wonderful Martin Flack.


Really hope to watch (feel) it again soon and to gather more people to experience that journey with us.