Cygne in “Cathedrals of Culture ” – Wim Wenders ‘project

It’s just great.I m so curious to see the episode about Oslo Opera house where Cygne appears.

Premiere had place in Berlin during Berlinale Special 6th of February

photo by Erik Berg

photo by Erik Berg

Subtitled “a 3D film project about the soul of buildings,” Cathedrals of Culture must rank as one of the most fervent hymns to architecture ever sung, proudly throwing down the gauntlet of high culture to that part of the intelligentsia who attend the movies. Clever, coy, precious, stirring, it’s a film of many moods. And for the right viewer – think opera buff, think seasonal concert subscriber – it is going to hit the spot. The 158-minute theatrical version, available in 3D and 2D, should be much in demand at festivals after its Berlin premiere, while TV viewers can enjoy it in easily digestible six half-hour installments. In the version screened in Berlin, all voice-overs were in slightly accented English(…)

Trailer of “Cathedrals of Culture”